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A Brief Overview of NanoSynTex                                                                                                           

Implementing Innovation Every Day:

NanoSynTex: A Technology-Based company delivering Custom Engineered Composite Textiles and Polymer Concentrates. We have over 50 yrs of combined technical experience relating to the polymer and textile industries. NanoSynTex offers an array of products/services which are backed by our expertise and technical capability. Products and Services are outlined below along with our military projects.


Composite TextilesNanoSynTex offers in-depth capability in the design and production of Higher Performance Engineered Composite Fabrics with focus on Thermal Protective Flame Resistant Applications for both military as well as private commercial use. Additionally, our products have shown excellent properties in Arc Flash testing offering maximum performance in a lightweight comfortable fabric. For more detail on our fabrics and test capabilities see the section on Products and Services.


Polymer Concentrates: NST has years of experience developing and supplying polymer concentrates to the plastics and fiber industries. We work closely with our customers to understand the performance requirements and formulate innovative concentrates to meet their needs. For more information, please see our section on Concentrates.



    High Performance Composite Fabrics       Properties Include:
    Flame Retardant
    Chemical & Bio Protection
    Water Repellent


    Flame Retardant Additives
    Cycle-Time Concentrates
    UV Stabilizers & Blockers
    Anti-Static Additives
    And much more

Commercialization / Achievements:

Military:  Based on successful field trials of protective coveralls in the past two deployments of the US Army 249th electrical division, Nanosyntex is currently working to produce commercial quantities of its flame and thermal protective fabric for expanded use in the armed forces as well as private industry. 

Private Sector:  In 2011, Nanosyntex launched a line of hunting garments under the brand name RuggedTUF.  Based on the same technology used in the military fabrics, these garments have shown excellent response by hunters and are available on the web at www.ruggedtuf.com.

Military Awards:  5 SBIR Phase I
                                4 SBIR Phase II Awards


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Specializing in High Performance Flame Protective Textiles